The O.A

the oa

I just finished first season of The O.A and it was incredible! It is obvious that casting and story are perfect. I am still thinking of how Prairie (Nina) is played neat and nicely. Brit Marling is one of the most talented actresses of 2016. Besides her acting talent, learning she is also one of co-creators of the tv serie made her a true star!

Futhermore, there are other reasons making plot and the production more and more interesting. Chosen colours though scenes were firstly one of them. It was obvious art director chose lighter colours to emphasize story. However, there was this colour one couldn’t be missed; purple! Light one, dark one, blue-ish one, red-ish one and it goes on. At first it was not that interesting. However, after watching third episode and still being able to trace purple items, it became a game for me. In every new scene I started to trace shades of purple.

Lives main characters have represented social diversity we are encountering is the second reason making The O.A appealling. It wasn’t a simple teen tv serie investigating a mysterious incident. It wasn’t a Sherlock Holmes investigating some case kind of plot. It involved family problems and financial difficulties high school students face.  Yet, most importantly how these problems bring different people together enhanced relationships between characters. If I write details , I am sure it will be a great spoiler for you and I want more people to enjoy as much as I did. However, I can give you a hint by writing what I think about characters. I hate Hap! He is one of the main characters created theme of desire to escape and good versus bad. Yet, I still cannot admire his ambitious towards his experiment. He is like charismatic bad guy wearing the perfect smile and justifying his bad intentions. He is The Joker of Batman. He is the key character making the story more and more interesting.

Lastly and most importantly, references to mother nature made audience more connected with the story. As an example, movements helping characters to escape and heal their scars highlighted animal actions. Not only they brought new perspectives to the story, they explained how people can communicate without technology.

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There are so many details I do want to write! I am choosing my words very carefully for not giving any spoilers ,but please watch The O.A! It consists sincerity and unity. Relationships between characters clearly show making empathy and thinking alike ease communication. Moreover, the incident happening at the end of season one proves Prairie’s friendly approach. There is a strong bond between events taking place in the story and how characters think at the end. Plus, if you like purple art director presents every shade without hesitation. Maybe purple is the new blue? 😉


Beauty and glamour! Something with social message and Hollywood script…

film kritik görsel

Opens the envelope

Looks up and says “Annnd the Oscar goes to…” 

Cast or star of the movie stands up and starts to approach the stage with their elegant gowns and suits. They wear one more thing that no one can put through make-up , a very big smile with bright eyes.

It is the scene we all watch and every person in movie industry dream. Holding that golden little man is the biggest moment one can share and mark his or her value.

However, there is a big question that we are asking for years; what makes a movie worth to be rewarded? What is the main difference between that movie and the other one nominated yet wasn’t that special?

For me the main difference is highly social and political. White male and female character dancing on top of Hollywood hills with their big smile is one of the most desired scenery people wants to watch. It is overrated but also not that much overrated. Director claims it is the typical romance we all wish for.

I am true cinema lover. Therefore, I not only watch these movie but also other movies that include social messages. Once I saw Moonlight’s poster at the schedule of Istanbul Independent Movie Festival, I asked my cousin how was it. She told me it is overrated but in a good way. Ok! We have a big dilemma here! What makes a movie overrated? I watched both Moonlight and La La Land. Yet, Moonlight was a major production reflecting everyday problems taking place in American society. A young black guy being punished without doing nothing or everything social justice doesn’t approve anyway. So there is no need to talk about it. Every character had problems in that movie representing big social and political injustice people are living in.

On the other hand, we have this other movie showing racial and sexist approach towards black women. What makes a person intellectually incapable of doing what she likes. Kirsten Dust’s character is the scapegoat showing how your race makes you a target. Putting her aside, Jim Parsons is another mean marking male dominancy. Different from Sheldon Cooper character he is best known for, he is playing this very ambitious and cruel guy if it is necessary. However, every movie has its turning points that either glorifies or degrades the story.

For me, both Moonlight and Hidden Figures are perfect examples of what movies should reflect. There are new generations being raised and watching these movies. Of course romantic movies are also essential sometimes, but issues we are still facing like inequality must be shown with these people who are walking on red carpet with their perfect smile and make-up.

Happiness is a socially constructed parameter we are producing. There are many stories we haven’t seen or read. Many women and men are hidden in history waiting there to show us creating something beautiful takes time and effort. For that reason,  listening other side of the history  is a great opportunity to be part of empowering change and passing it to others. 🙂