170405095816-kendall-jenner-pepsi-ad-1024x576I believe there are two kinds of people;

1.People who prefer Coca-Cola

2.People who prefer Pepsi

However, when you randomly observe people in diners and restaurants its is highly seen that competition is nonsense. I personally think that Pepsi is just an alternative when one cannot find Coca-Cola. I mean it is obvious; Pepsi is coke with more sugar! I may not be the perfect soda drink consumer but, when I want to drink something refreshing with my pizza and hamburger I drink regular Coke. It tastes better than any other beverages in terms of completing small sinful meals. When revising reasons behind this preference, there are several cultural, social and psychological factors.

First and most importantly (!), new and the most unsuccessful ad showed Pepsi’s ignorant approach towards social movements. Dayna Evans (2017) writes in her article how ad-world professionals see the work and I believe every word in it. As it is written product cannot bring peace! It is like introduction course in college; emotions sell the product, not the product itself. Neither using celebrity top model nor creating fake peaceful environment solves anything. Renaissance art has ended like centuries ago. Media and art industries are no longer direct copies of our surroundings. Nowadays with artistic style, social message is also important as a mean. Whether one is American, Black, European, Latin, or from other nations there are socially constructed values that should be empowered. One cannot use a photograph of  a black woman just because it seems strategic. Also social and cultural background should be thought. Kendall Jenner bringing and giving can of Pepsi to a policeman is different and cheap move when compared to real Black Lives Matter Movement. There are no logical reasons justifying misunderstanding company’s poor sense of unity. 



On the other hand, there is this globally known company sharing happiness and unity. Coca-Cola Company may not sell the healthiest product in the world. Yet, their ad campaigns reflect how people can be happy and peaceful by using real social structure in the world. For instance Happiness Truck is one of the most successful projects the company made. There were trucks filled with colorful balloons travelling around the world. People were smiling and sharing that joyous moment. Plus, real footage were shown as the material. It wasn’t edited. In other words, company had the right insight; make people happy by surprising them. There were no super models or celebrities. Only humane thing was spreading happiness. It was selling the emotion not the action itself.

These images are taken from Google Images.

Putting all these into consideration, Pepsi is losing the game. Creating an ad is very hard task. That’s why there are so many advertisement companies helping big brands. They make researches and write reports about social statistics. They not only use them to construct strategies for companies but also publish those reports. Pepsi could read them if they insist making their ads indoor. I personally believe that there are certain limits in media and Pepsi is having bad influence by all means.


Evans, Dayna. “Ad-World Insiders on How the Hell That Pepsi Ad Got Made.” The Cut. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2017.

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