how-to-be-parisian-wherever-you-areWhat you won’t find in her closet

Three-inch heels. Why live life like halfway?

Logos. You are not a billboard.

Sweatpants. No man should ever see you in those. Expect your gym teacher- and even then. Leggings are tolerated.

A skimpy top. Because you are not fifteen anymore.

Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline Maigret and Anne Berest say on page 8 in their book How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are.

 It’s kind of book every woman would like to read whenever they are in search for their inner self. Being Parisian is being truly yourself as they claim. Having signature look, makeup and clothing are very essential. As a reader, I totally agree with them. Maybe it is cliché, but we all deserve better! As a true fan of Woody Allen movies, I see my mom as one of the lead characters in movies. She always put on messy but perfect eyeliner and wears similar shades of colours that match her soul. Her pieces are ageless and modern.

Women like her create the transparent beauty. The beauty that doesn’t get old since it relies of how one is looking. It is like making eyes and soul beautiful. After that who needs anything to be attractive?

We should and must be brands of ourselves, not clothes we wear. How much or how fashionable shouldn’t make the little black dress more important than how we stand in the crowd.

Besides creating own brand, this book also guides women how to win in life in every condition. We must feel comfortable before beautiful. If one cannot walk on heels, flats and sneakers are perfectly fine! Not being able to walk on heels is a worse scenery than not wearing one. Plus, you can dance more if you are happy with your shoe choice ;). Happy woman is more confident and attractive than one sitting in the corner with dull eyes. Can you imagine spending time with a woman who doesn’t have any story to share from the last party she attended?

Putting every detail and concept these incredible women wrote, it is a fascinating book showing us not how to behave. They are simply giving recipe of how to be ourselves and then inspire others around us. Whenever you are feeling lost or upset, just grab this book and start to read random advices they give. I am sure that you will hear your inner voice again! Nowadays science calls that the gut feeling. I can ensure you , it is always right. It is basically how you function. (Ok! Chocolate and other delicious deserts help to 🙂 But, there is always more chocolate you can eat).

I hope you will like the book! You can find it’s website below;

I really really enjoyed every second of it! I wish you will love it as much as I did. 🙂


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